Multi-platform, E2E type-safe realtime packages

npm @pluv/ioLicense MITCommitizen friendlyTypeScriptFeatured on Openbase allows you to more easily build real-time collaborative features with a fully end-to-end type-safe api.

Existing open-source tools for building real-time APIs come with several trade-offs. With or y-websocket, you get built-in support for things like heartbeats, rooms and awareness without any automatic type-safety server-to-client. Meanwhile, with GraphQL you get type-safety in subscriptions but lose those same features. unifies these experiences by providing common websocket API capabilities and end-to-end type-safety server-to-client.

Built for multiple runtimes and frameworks supports hosting on either Node.js or Cloudflare Workers. Support for multiple frameworks is also planned, with React already available with @pluv/react. If you're building for other frameworks, @pluv/client is framework agnostic and can meet your needs.

Features and roadmap