is in preview! Please wait for a v1.0.0 stable release before using this in production.

Create Rooms

Rooms are the channels that WebSockets can enter and leave (i.e. connect and disconnect). Events emitted by sockets in a room will be broadcasted only to other sockets within the same room.

Create and connect to a PluvRoom

Create and connect to a PluvRoom by mounting a PluvRoomProvider from your @pluv/react bundle. When this provider is mounted, all of the hooks from the createRoomBundle output will become usable in the child react tree, and the user joins the room as an active WebSocket connection. When the component unmounts, the user leaves the room.

Note You may not have multiple PluvRoomProvider components mounted at the same time with the same room attribute within your app.

import { FC } from "react";
import { pluvRoom } from "frontend/io";

export const MyPage: FC = () => {
    return (
        <pluvRoom.PluvRoomProvider room="my-room-id">
            <MyRoom />