is in preview! Please wait for a v1.0.0 stable release before using this in production.

Custom Events

Define custom events on your backend PluvServer instance. Then send and receive custom websocket events in a type-safe way with @pluv/react.

Define custom events

To get started, define custom events in your backend @pluv/io instance (see Define Events to get started).

Use custom events

Then, assuming you've already setup your React.js bundle and providers, listen and broadcast your custom events using useBroadcast and useEvent from your react bundle.

import { pluvRoom } from "frontend/io";
import { useCallback } from "react";

pluvRoom.event.receiveMessage.useEvent(({ data }) => {

pluvRoom.event.receiveValue.useEvent(({ data }) => {

const broadcast = pluvRoom.useBroadcast();

const sendMessage = useCallback((message: string): void => {
    broadcast.sendMessage({ message });
}, [broadcast]);

const doubleValue = useCallback((value: number): void => {
    broadcast.doubleValue({ value });
}, [broadcast]);